In 1988, 5 entrepreneurs established Arma and started producing aluminum filters. Arma has considered its loyalty to quality as the most important key to success since its first day of operations. 

1988 - Start of operations in 60m2 workshop with 3 workers

1989 - Strategic partnership with Adek GmbH Germany

1991 - Moving into 1000m2 new workshop and first export

1997 - Moving into new 5000m2 factory in Sakarya Industrial Zone

2003 - Start of accessories production in the additional 6000m 2 factory

2004 - Filter factory additional investment and growth to 10.000m2

2004 - Start-up of Arma USA in California

2004 - Accessories factory additional investment and growth to 12.000m2

2005 - Establishment of Arma S.R.L in Italy

2007 - Start of operations in the 5000m2 factory in China

2008 - Establishment of warehouse in Poland

2010 - Establishment of Arma Componente S.L. in Spain

2012 - 16.200m2 extension to accessories plant

2014 - Start-up of Arma Brazil