Our Vision

Our Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to produce products at the first time with zero defect rates and exceed our customers’ expectations and needs while caring about nature and following legal procedures. 

We operate under 2 main principle;
- Continuous improvement on products, processes and systems
- Reducing costs through quality, efficiency and creativity
It is our management's duty to train our workforce, increase their competency and provide their contribution to the system in a team spirit. 

We will support the development of our suppliers to ensure the supply chain of the products/services we require.

Our quality management system will be documented and certificated in order to fulfill every task of international ISO 9001 and ISO 16949 quality standards. The sustainability of the standards in practice will be monitored and maintained. 

Our Vision

To live the change through continuous improvement, to realize ourselves with awareness and attention to details and to build the future by specializing in our sector. 

To be the best partner of our customers, who are the world leaders in their sectors, in the fields of Metal Filters, Metal Filter Components, Metal Handles, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Accessories.

Our Mission

To be the market leader and preferred business partner which;

-Sets market standards by developing and providing solutions,
-Researches the potential future developments and trends, implements the necessary changes rapidly by determining them in advance,
-Has the principle of creating value for its customers and gives priority to profitability,
-Believes in direct and open communication, personal abilities, team spirit and importance of delegation and creates a work environment accordingly,
-Does not compromise from business ethics, honesty and quality.