Collaboration for Quality


Our passion for what we do, our speed, and quality are the main qualifications that brought us to the leading position in the industry. Suppliers who share this passion are inseparable pieces of our business and we work with a very large network of partners that offers us flexibility, competitiveness, speed and quality. 

If you supply the items below and want to be a part of this network, you can contact us. 

- Aluminium Extrusion Profiles
- Aluminium Coils
- Aluminium Strips
- Aluminium Sheets
- Stainless Steel Sheets / Tubes / Profiles
- Steel Sheets
- Powder Paint and Anodizing Chemicals
- Plastic Components
- Metal Injection Components
- Screws / Rivets
- Wire (Aluminum / Stainless Steel)
- Packaging Materials
- Outsourced Processes (Zinc Coating - Cataphoresis - etc.)
- Metal Components
- Carbon, Activated Carbon Filters
- Glass
- Tooling and Machinery Equipments
- Automation and Robotic Equipments
- Polishing Equipments and Materials